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3 Reasons to Choose Pros Who Offer Storage During Epoxy Installation

Making the decision to add epoxy to your home is a big deal. Transforming any flooring, whether in the garage, basement, laundry room, or elsewhere, requires the movement of all the items in that space to another area. You’ll be glad if you choose to work with professionals who offer storage during epoxy installation – they make the process simple and help you feel comfortable about the entire upgrade.

1. Store Belongings on Your Property

The epoxy installation process, depending on how large an area or how many rooms you want to have treated, only takes a few days, but the things that live in that space need to be moved out of the way. Changing the flooring in your home has never been more convenient than when you work with epoxy professionals who offer free on-site storage.

With a trailer parked in your driveway, you can move furniture, accessories, and other items safely into a secure environment at your leisure as long as they’re packed away by the start of the renovation. Plus, your possessions are easily accessible should you need any of them during the upgrade of your flooring.

2. Put Items in Dedicated Storage

Maybe you don’t have a large enough driveway to accommodate a trailer for storage, or you live in housing that only has off-street parking. Maybe you have items that require a temperature-controlled environment and can’t sit in a driveway storage container. Whatever your circumstances, dedicated off-site storage is a secure solution.

The professional epoxy team packs and moves all relevant belongings to an off-site storage location before installation. Your possessions are kept separate and locked down so you don’t need to be concerned about a breach. Once the epoxy installation is complete, items are returned intact and placed back where they belong on your new flooring. It will feel like your home but spruced up and populated with all your favorite things.

3. Keep Stuff Out of the Way

When homeowners feel like they don’t have storage options for their stuff during an epoxy installation, they may move their belongings elsewhere in the home to get them out of the way for the duration of the project. Instead of worrying about making everything fit into a room or two, or crawling over and around bulky or bumpy furniture, choose a pro that offers dedicated storage as part of the installation package.

On-site or off-site options for storing your things makes epoxy installation easier for all involved. You won’t feel any pressure to put the room back together right away and can take your time rearranging your refreshed space. Any home renovation can easily take over your daily life, but with some of your stuff safely out of the way, there doesn’t have to be a major interruption to your schedule or habits.

Get Safe Storage During Your Epoxy Installation

Epoxy Professionals give you room to renovate with different options for storage of your belongings during epoxy coating work. Contact us in Shelby, MI, to discuss your project, the storage for your possessions, and a project estimate.

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