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Off-Site Storage: Epoxy Professionals Makes Upgrading Your Floors Easy and Convenient

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    Getting an epoxy flooring upgrade in your home means moving furniture and other belongings out of the way for the duration of the project. To make this home improvement as easy and convenient as possible, Epoxy Professionals in Shelby, MI, provide off-site storage. Our team packs up and moves all relevant belongings to an off-site storage location. When the project is complete, the belongings are returned intact and ready to live on your new flooring.

    The Convenience of Off-Site Storage

    When you don’t have room for an on-site mobile storage unit to hold your belongings during an epoxy project, it is a huge relief to know that your items are transported to a dedicated, secure location. What kinds of items can go into storage? Every home is different, but here are just some examples:

    • Basement epoxy flooring: Store items like couch and chairs, bookshelves, gym equipment, holiday items, televisions.
    • Garage epoxy coating: Get storage for shelving, bicycles, yard tools, chairs, seasonal decorations, tools, planters.
    • Any other location for epoxy flooring: Boxes of possessions, desks, furniture, area rugs, tables and chairs, books, office supplies.

    Financial Perks of Off-Site Storage During Epoxy Installation

    Renting a storage facility on your own for your belongings for only a brief period can be costly. Storage facilities are included with epoxy flooring quotes, so you know exactly what you’re paying for, and so you don’t have to organize any sort of storage on your own.

    When you invest in new flooring for your home, that should be the only thing you have to worry about – not where your stuff will go or whether it will be safe or how you’re going to pay to store your goods somewhere or manage to even get them there.

    Convenience is paramount at Epoxy Professionals and our off-site secure storage is a benefit and service we offer to any client who wants it.

    Benefits of Having Off-Site Storage Included

    Epoxy flooring is a formula that is tweaked to suit your unique space. The timeline for every job, though, involves similar elements and our experts know how to make off-site storage worth its while:

    • Prep time
    • Application time
    • Dry time
    • When to book your job
    • When there is room for your belongings

    Don’t worry about overcrowding or unavailable storage. Our dedicated storage spaces are ready for each qualifying customer, so your items are always safe, temperature-controlled, and have enough room to spread out while our epoxy team tends to the upgrade of your home flooring.

    With our built-in storage option, you don’t have to feel pressed to move your things out of a storage unit before you’re ready or only partially use a rental that you’ve already paid for.

    We believe you should feel comfortable about saying yes to the epoxy flooring upgrades you want. With off-site storage, both convenient and easy, this helps make the decision easier.

    Get the Right Storage During Your Epoxy Project

    Epoxy Professionals is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction through every level of our service – this includes flooring installation as well as storage options. Prefer free on-site storage? If you have the space for a storage unit on your property, that’s a viable option along with off-site storage.

    Keep your belongings out of the elements, don’t overcrowd the rest of your home, trust that you can add your things on top of your new flooring when you’re completely ready with off-site storage. Contact Epoxy Professionals to discuss all possible storage solutions and to discover discounts on select services.