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    Garages, warehouses, and heavy-duty work areas deserve cosmetic attention from time to time. When you beautify an unsightly space with commercial painting from Epoxy Professionals in Shelby Township, MI, the working area will look bigger, cleaner, and more professional. Paint is a powerful way to transform any wall or room and we offer professional interior and exterior painting solutions.

    Reasons to Invest in Commercial Painting

    Whatever your business environment, if the space around you looks shabby, it’s time for an upgrade and paint can make it happen. Here are just some of the reasons to say yes to commercial painting job:

    • Peeling paint
    • Exposed bricks
    • Rough cinder blocks
    • Exposed metal decking
    • Dull environment

    Now is the right time to cover up what’s gotten ugly. If you take care of your business – and that includes the way it looks – then potential customers and clients will trust that you can take care of them too.

    Benefits of Painted Walls in a Commercial Business

    Whether you operate a manufacturing site or an office building, an event facility or parking garage, a commercial painting job on your walls creates a long-lasting look for the space thanks to the following benefits: 

    • Durable: A wall or ceiling, whether interior or exterior, is far tougher with a few coats of paint than a surface without it.
    • Reflective: The right color paint in the right environment absorbs or reflects light to make a space look bigger or smaller, cooler or warmer, whatever your preferences.
    • Stain resistant: The right finish of paint can resist water, grease, oil, and other stains for easy cleaning and maintenance without permanent marks.
    • Moisture resistant: Waterproofing paint, when requested, can resist moisture and mold in damp environments thanks to the paint’s protective properties.

    Brighten Your Commercial Environment

    Commercial painting isn’t only intended to cover up open or rough spaces on office walls, in garages, or at an office or industrial building. Paint color is relevant for so many reasons and it’s important to work with commercial painting experts who can help you select the right shade or multiple shades to:

    • Represent your brand
    • Encourage a productive environment
    • Engage customers
    • Look more professional
    • Create the illusion of a larger space
    • Increase property value

    Materials Used in Commercial Painting

    Commercial painting isn’t like residential painting, which usually includes drywall as the most common surface. In commercial businesses, painters could encounter concrete, metal, reinforced plastic, wood, and many other textures. A variety of materials are needed to manage high ceilings or rough surfaces, including:

    • Scaffolding
    • Paint sprayers
    • Sandblasters
    • Pressure washers
    • Specialty coatings
    • Industrial-grade paints
    • Primers and tints

    Special surface preparation may be necessary depending on the need for coverings beyond basic commercial painting, such as high-durability coatings, masonry coating, metal painting, stenciling, waterproof coatings, door paintings, and more.

    You have a business to run and Epoxy Professionals in Shelby Township, Michigan is here to provide you with commercial painting without interfering with your daily work. We accommodate your busy schedule, minimize disruptions, and make sure you’re completely satisfied when it comes to the interior or exterior look of your business.

    Our commercial painting is done by skilled and experienced professionals who are meticulous, efficient, and devoted to quality. We strive to be flexible and deliver a careful job that is customized to your business. Contact us to discuss your project and find out why our commercial painting services are the right choice to get your job done.