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Free On-Site Storage: Epoxy Professionals Make Upgrading Your Floors Easy as Possible

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    Ready to upgrade the flooring in your garage, basement, office, or other room or facility? At Epoxy Professionals in Shelby, MI, we offer free on-site storage to simplify your epoxy floor installation. Unless this is a new space that you have yet to move into, existing belongings must be moved out before floors can be treated. We make this process as easy as possible by giving you room to renovate.

    Convenient: Store Your Belongings in the Driveway

    Epoxy Professionals delivers a dedicated, secure storage trailer to your home and parks it in the driveway so you can load it up with your belongings before the floor servicing begins. What can you put in the trailer? Whatever will fit:

    • From the garage: Bicycles, yard equipment, shelving, garbage cans, hoses, tents, chairs, seasonal items.
    • From the basement: Furniture, gym equipment, storage, holiday décor, televisions or video systems.
    • From the office: Bookshelves, desks, filing cabinets, rolling chairs, office supplies, computers, printers, books.
    • From anywhere: Boxes and boxes of your possessions. If you can fit it in a box and fit that box in the trailer, it can live there rent-free while the floors get elevated.

    Cost-Effective: FREE Storage

    If you’ve ever had to use a storage facility, you know that can sometimes be costly, not to mention inconvenient. Free, safe storage right outside your door is a benefit not many home improvement companies offer.

    Epoxy Professionals know how much time is required to prep and wait for epoxy flooring to be ready. We want you to feel comfortable about the timeline for when your belongings are added back into your space. With free storage, you are under no pressure to move things out of a storage unit or pay for storage that you will only partially use for only part of the time.

    Feel comfortable saying yes to the flooring upgrades you really want and your ideal custom floor. Free storage for your belongings makes every decision easier.

    Investing in Epoxy Flooring? Store Your Belongings Nearby

    At Epoxy Professionals, we are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, not only with the product we produce but with all the associated services provided, like free storage. While you wait for your epoxy floors to come to life, enjoy the major benefits of a free storage service and safe space, right in your own driveway.

    • Keep the things you own clean and out of the elements.
    • Belongings will be within arm’s reach for the entirety of your project.
    • Leave your stuff in storage until you’re completely ready to set items atop the durable protective epoxy coating.

    Get Free On-Site Storage While You Get Epoxy Coating

    Choose Epoxy Professionals for top-quality epoxy coating solutions in Michigan. We deliver exceptional results and cover every aspect of planning and execution so your space can be elevated in amazing ways.

    Ask about our free on-site storage offer available for the duration of the job we will do for you and discover what’s possible to make your life easier while we beautify it. Contact us to learn about discounts on select services. Home improvements are big-budget investments – we offer affordable financing options to fit into your budget. And perks like the amazing free on-site storage.