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4 Benefits of Residential Garage Floor Coating

When a garage floor is made of rough cement, it’s easy to think of the space as just a house for cars plus seasonal items or storage. Elevate the floor with an epoxy coating, and you’ll see it as more of a showroom and a place to spend time with an inviting area underfoot. Garage floor coating transforms the look of your garage and its functionality, serving as a durable part of your home that withstands impacts and weight.

1. Improve Safety

Garage floors are notorious for being the location of many slips and falls. The floors easily hold onto moisture – water puddles, oil drips, and other liquids and spills. Epoxy garage floors, though, have slip-resistant properties and create a barrier that resists oil, chemicals, grease, and other garage stains.

Should there be a spill, it’s easy to wipe up whatever has fallen without needing to scrub or fight stains or worry about permanent marks. There are multiple layers of protection from the ground up.

2. Create a Working Space

If the only thing you do in your garage is park your vehicles, adding epoxy coating will give you an excellent reason to work in that space regularly. So many people don’t even realize how versatile their garage space is until the flooring gets an upgrade.

Along with the garage floor coating upgrade, you can add lighting and benches and tables for your hobby, creating a usable, clean, attractive workshop, whether you like to do pottery, woodworking, scrapbooking, or any other activity. Plus, the reflective nature of the epoxy brightens the garage considerably, making it more inviting.

3. Expand the Life of the Floor

The last thing you want to think about is having to get your garage floor redone because it has suffered cracks, chips, or other cosmetic and functional problems. But when you have cement floors, those are the risks you run.

Enter thick garage epoxy coating which seals any damage underneath, protects the floor from disintegration or further damage, and extends the lifespan of the garage floor. The coating also acts as a barrier that prevents water and moisture from seeping into the floor and prevents mildew and mold common to damp spaces.

4. Boost Beauty and Value

Epoxy floors repel dirt and dust, and that’s magic for people who struggle with the debris that seems to gather on their garage floor with no end in sight. You won’t be tracking copious amounts of unwanted elements into your home when you have a coated garage floor.

Property value increases too, simply with this stunning residential flooring choice. An epoxy floor creates a space that looks and is pristine and shows that one of the main entrances to your home is well taken tended to and treated with care.

Benefits of Working with Epoxy Professionals in Michigan

Get free on-site storage during your garage floor coating installation. It takes only about two days to grind the existing floors, clean them and eliminate all powder and debris, and set the epoxy coating. Contact Epoxy Professionals in Shelby, MI, to get an estimate for your project.

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