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5 Reasons to Get Epoxy Coating for Your Basement Floor

Epoxy is everywhere. If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen friends who’ve said “yes” to this cool-looking floor coating and wondered whether it could work for your space. Now it’s your turn to do some home improvements, specifically for your lowest level, and there are plenty of great reasons to get epoxy coating for your basement floor.

1. Attractive

Basements are often an afterthought, a space to put the kids’ stuff or send the teens to do what they will with the zone. This square footage, however, can be one of the showpieces of your home. You can get a classic or sophisticated look, funky or simple. With plenty of styles and colors available, you can give your basement personality with the sleekness and shades of the color chips used in your epoxy floor coating system. The work is customized to suit the style of your home décor and is a guaranteed way to elevate the look of your basement with a seamless, high-gloss finish.

2. Easy to Clean

There is nothing better than a home upgrade that includes easy maintenance. Cleaning of epoxy coating on your basement floors is simply and fast. Any spills or debris can be quickly wiped away with a damp cloth so your floor always looks shiny, fresh, and new.

3. Moisture-Resistant

Many basements are naturally damp. If you have a house like this, you know you need a floor material that will protect against moisture and associated problems that develop. After all, if there is any part of your home likely to experience a weather-related flood, it’s your basement. Envision that space with wall-to-wall carpeting if pipes burst or the rain doesn’t stop and soaks through to the underflooring. Disaster.

Now enter epoxy. Epoxy coating is a moisture barrier that forms a hard plastic film that prevents water from penetrating the concrete. Besides the relief you’ll experience by being able to prevent water damage, problems like mildew, mold, and concrete deterioration will also be minimized or prevented completely.

4. Safe

Epoxy looks shiny, but it the coating can be done to offer slip-resistant properties. Areas that are prone to spills or moisture – near bars, tables, or bathrooms – will be safe and sound and keep all the people walking your floor safe and sound good.

5. Durable

No matter what you use your basement for, this part of the house sees some serious traffic. From kids to pets to working out to doing laundry, a residential basement can last for decades and look great when there is an epoxy coating in place. The epoxy is engineered to handle heavy foot traffic and daily wear-and-tear so you won’t see stains, cracks, or deterioration, just a good-looking, long-lasting flooring.

Get Epoxy Coating for Your Basement Floor in Shelby, MI

Your epoxy coating for the basement can last for decades with proper installation and maintenance. Contact Epoxy Professionals in Shelby, MI, to discuss your project, what you hope to see happen in your basement, and to get an estimate for your project.

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