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Beautify Epoxy Coating with Chips and Flakes

Some floors are so attractive and interesting it’s hard to take your eyes off them. How did they get so complex, detailed, and beautiful? Chances are, what’s underfoot was created with epoxy coating that gleams beautifully and offers up a customized look from wall to wall. Epoxy coating can be designed to contain chips and flakes and deliver unparallelled uniqueness and durability.

Types of Epoxy Floor Color Options with Chips and Flakes

Premade blends of epoxy floor color options include the Original Color Chips Floor Coating System. The range of styles and colors for these vinyl chips is vast and there is at least one combination that is sure to satisfy the brand, design, and aesthetics you prefer. There are over 25 options including the following:

  • Black Marble: A combo of larger chips of black, white, and gray.
  • Harley Mix: Mini chips of black, white, gray, and orange.
  • Electric Blue Blend: A mix of black, gray, white, and electric blue chips.
  • Dark Earth Tone: A natural combination of tan, brown, black, and white.
  • Wine Barrel Blend: Chips in yummy fuchsia, tan, gray, and white.
  • New Camouflage: A reliable green, brown, black, and yellow chip blend.
  • Tidal Wave: A soothing combo of aqua, light blue, light gray, and white chips.

Along with these eclectic, bright options, there are more muted color chips that resemble rock or stone, a desirable option for many commercial businesses or adventurous homeowners. These include Dolerite, Pumice, Obsidian, Garnet, and Basalt, among others.

Ultimately, the consumer gets to decide the look and color of the epoxy coating they want for their space. Having options makes it possible to really meet the vision you have for your home or business. In all circumstances, quality meets creativity, from conception to completion.

The Epoxy Coating Process

The epoxy process is done with great care and precision to ensure a properly prepped surface underneath and a smooth and flawless epoxy coating on top. Garage epoxy floors are one of the most common places for chips and flakes.

  • Diamond grinding: The floor surface is prepped with diamond grinding to remove stains, imperfections, or other coatings and create a smooth, clean canvas for the epoxy.
  • Two-part epoxy painting: A high-quality, industrial-grade epoxy coating is applied to the floor, creating a durable finish that can handle heavy traffic and resist stains and spills.
  • Chips addition: Carefully selected chips and flakes add dimension, texture, and visual interest for a decorative chip application that is concentrated or scattered to enhance the finished look.
  • Clear coat finish: The epoxy floor is sealed with a clear topcoat to add further protection, enhance shine, ensure long-lasting beauty and performance, and allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Say Yes to Epoxy Coating with Chips or Flakes

From retailers to restaurants, warehouses to healthcare facilities, schools to showrooms, offices to homes, epoxy coating delivers a one-of-a-kind durable surface for any space or industry. Wherever you’re located, whatever you decide on for your unique flooring, contact Epoxy Professionals in Shelby, MI, to learn about the epoxy coating process and our on-site and off-site storage options.

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