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Epoxy Coating vs. Epoxy Paint

The terms “epoxy coating” and “epoxy paint” are often used interchangeably, but they’re two different products with their own compositions and applications. If you’re considering epoxy as a protective finish for your garage, basement, or surfaces in your business, learn about both products’ features before you make your selection.

Epoxy Coating 101

Epoxy coating is gleaming and gorgeous, but this product’s features go beyond the cosmetic. Here are just some of the characteristics that make coating stand out:

  • Composed of a mix of solid materials
  • Once applied, creates a multi-layered surface
  • Highly durable and resistant to repeated impact
  • Designed to be used as a finishing coat
  • Can be layered over concrete, metal, or wood
  • Temperature resistant
  • Chemical resistant

Epoxy coating is durable and versatile thanks to a high ratio of epoxy resins. The thickness of this substance is its claim to fame, resulting in a substantial protective layer that lasts.

A Brief Word on Epoxy Paint

Epoxy paint is simply paint at its root, but the formulation does contain an epoxy resin as a critical component, just like coating. However, that’s where the similarities end.

Paint is thinner, weaker, and more susceptible to damage as time passes. Epoxy paint also relies on a drying process that involves the evaporation of the solvents and this result, unfortunately, leaves an unwanted film of epoxy behind. Epoxy paint just isn’t as tough as coating and is best left in the decorative realm.

Performance and Durability of Epoxy Coating

There are many reasons epoxy coating is the superior substance to epoxy paint:

  • Coatings are minimally impacted by chemicals, moisture, abrasion, or other stressors and resist the damage they might do.
  • The layer formed by the coating is a powerful barrier that protects the surface underneath from wear.
  • Coatings undergo curing which bonds the epoxy resins together to form a solid, robust layer that adheres tightly to the surface underneath.

All these features make coatings an excellent choice for environments like garages, basements, laboratories, healthcare facilities, industrial businesses, and chemical or manufacturing plants. Any high-traffic areas, buildings with heavy machinery, or surfaces susceptible to corrosive substances will fare better with epoxy coating.

Choose the Right Epoxy for Your Surface

Whether you have a commercial setting with impressive square footage to cover, or a typical garage in your home that needs a solid sealant, epoxy coating can get the job done. Whether enhancing the appearance or longevity of what’s underfoot or safeguarding surfaces, coatings are the top choice when you need durability above all.Contact Epoxy Professionals in Shelby, MI, to get an estimate for your project.

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